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110cm Dual Fuel
100cm Dual Fuel
100cm Gas
90cm Dual Fuel
60cm Dual Fuel
60cm Gas
100cm Dual Fuel
100cm Gas
60cm Dual Fuel
60cm Gas
60cm Electric
Coniston Gas
Coniston Electric
Langdale Electric
Connemara Gas
Connemara LPG
110cm Hood
100cm Hood
100cm Hood
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  About Us
Paella on top of a Cooker
Welcome to the Art of Cooking

Over the years Cannon has learnt a lot about what real cooks demand. We’ve lived up to their expectations with cookers that mean business; stylish, hard-working and packed with practical, useful features designed to bring out the best in every cook.

We know that people who are passionate about cooking demand the very best tools. So, we provide you with uncomplicated, high performance, multi-tasking cookers that meet all the needs of the modern kitchen and give perfect results every time. With electric, gas and dual fuel models we offer the widest choice possible.

From the Professional and Traditional range cookers to our space-saving compact models, our cookers take themselves seriously.


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