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  Tony Tobin
Tony Tobin endorses Cannon
Tony Tobin - why he supports Cannon

Award winning chef and restaurant proprietor Tony Tobin is the face of the Cannon collection. With a Cannon Professional 1000 range cooker already in place at Tony’s home, his commitment to product development and his endorsement of the brand stems from his vision that to be a successful cook at home, you need a high quality, versatile cooker in the kitchen.

"I believe Cannon understands cooking and designs with the passion of a chef, to create beautiful cookers." Says Tony, "I find that Cannon consistently delivers. The space and the range of functions makes cooking even the most demanding dish stress-free, making it a must for anyone as passionate about cooking as me."

Win the Dinner Party War with Cannon and Tony Tobin

  The Cannon range is endorsed by Tony Tobin,
  celebrity chef and restaurant proprietor.
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